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Drakkar Industries
The Eco Friendly Way for the Puget Sound
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The best solution to pollution is prevention. Keep it on site and dispose of it responsibly. If we dont let it in our environment then we dont need to spend billions every year to clean it up, Everyone understands that accidents happen, so when they do clean it up right away with our Spill Response Kits.
• Storm Drain Maintenance
• Storm Drain Sampling
• Sample Analysis
• NPDES Permiting
• NPDES Reporting
• NPDES Compliance
Our mission is to clean up the Puget Sound The Eco Friendly Way.  We do that by helping companies implement and maintain StormWater Runnoff BMPs.
We have Polution Prevention Measures for storm drains from Level I to Level III corrective measures. We can help you decide which one is best suited to get your drains into compliance.  Then we can help you stay in compliance once the cleanup is complete, by providing products and services to make it easy and affordable to follow the regulations.
You will never have to service our products yourself, we are just a phone call away. From servicing your storm drains to replacing absorbent products in your spill kit, we can take care of all of your compliance needs.
Not only is this illegal but it's preventable. We'll show you how.

We will coordinate with Dept of Ecy, Enviro groups and local manicipalities to keep you clean and in compliance.
Drakkar Solution